Sunday, November 11, 2007

One more thing to do with apples

I swear I've been trying to post for the last week. First real life ate me, and then blogger ate my post twice in one night, and I decided that was probably a sign that I should go study or something like that. Anyway.

I made this Apple Kuchen shortly after my last post, when we still had apples and were wondering what to do with them. And then I took the name to work and got one of my co-workers to teach me how to pronounce it.

The recipe itself I found on Baking Bites, a blog I have frequented ever since I discovered it via the ReadyMade blog. It was then called Bakingsheet, and the post that caught my eye was a recipe for homemade graham crackers, which were then supposed to be incorporated into homemade s'mores. I was still in my occasional-batch-of-cookies-and-brownies stage of cooking, so needless to say I never got around to either the crackers or the s'mores... but I still read the blog.

Origins aside, this is a nice, not-terribly-sweet cake that goes excellently with tea. I plan to omit the apples in an upcoming version and try it as a loaf cake - I'll let you know how it goes.

And a gratuitous kitty pictures never hurts - it's been too long.

Chuck has this thing for being cute in boxes - I can't help myself.


littlebijoux said...

Coo-Ken? Did you ask who I think you asked? Your Kuchen looks absolutely delicious, and I think we do need to have some type of dessert bake at work. My problem is that I never take pictures of the food I make in between the time that it's made and the time that I eat it. You succeed at the food blog! We should combine forces.

Shannon said...

Let's! I'll bring my camera if you cook again :)

littlebijoux said...

Haha, if I cook again? That's like saying if I'll breathe again, or eat again, or read a book again...

Totes, yo.