Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Zoe ?, 1992 - 5th January, 2008

I heard from my parents today - Zoe, one of our two dogs, passed away today, and they buried her under a cottonwood tree in the back acre.

She was an amazing animal: sweet and beautiful and absurdly charismatic, and she had a way of looking at you as though you were the most important person in the entire world, as long as you were petting her. She was the scourge of the wild chickens and guinea hens that roamed my parents' property, and could leap 5 foot fences without thinking twice. She came to us when she was a year old, with the unfortunate name of "Enya," and was almost mute for the first month. When she found her voice, she had a delightful - and occasionally frustrating - habit of "talking" with an odd, semi-howl whenever you told her something she didn't want to hear. When we adopted Cedar, a few years later, she became her surrogate mother, and never minded Cedar's ineffectual attempts to herd her around the house.

I could reminisce for pages - I won't. None of it really describes her, or how terribly she will be missed. I hope that wherever she is, there are lots of chickens to catch and fences to leap.

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Nancy Guinn said...

Cedar is roaming the house today, looking for Zoe. With her herding instinct, she has always kept track of everyone and I think she knows the numbers are off now. On the other hand, she was quite happy with the pizza crust on her own last night. (Yes, foodies, it was homemade pizza).